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Movie Review: White Dog


Written by Curtis Hanson and Sam Fuller.
Directed by Sam Fuller.

I envy Curtis Hanson, then just a young screenwriter who got to sit in a room with Sam Fuller and “co-write” this script. Fuller’s style is usually described as hard-hitting –for reasons literal as well as figurative — but no one talks much about his tender side. Like Kurosawa he seems noted for one thing, relegated to his own brand of greatness. Cigar-chomping, pistol-packing, etc. There’s a great deal of beauty here –imbued with truth — that might go unseen if you’re not watching closely. Hanson lobbied against the window featuring St. Francis, but Fuller knew exactly what he wanted and why he wanted it. That’s greatness among directors.

“You got a four-legged time bomb!” — Roland Gray


Auteurs and Authors, Movie Reviews, Writers I Love

Movie Review: I Shot Jesse James


Written and directed by Sam Fuller.

“If a story doesn’t give you a hard-on in the first couple of scenes,” Sam Fuller said, “throw it in the goddamn garbage.” Here’s a story that does that, figuratively speaking (though I imagine I’m meant to feel more than that, somehow,¬†when John Ireland washes Reed Hadley’s back). Let’s say this: I genuinely care about the coward Robert Ford, and I could give a damn about John Kelley the magnanimous marshal –reactions I know the director, in his slap-dash wisdom, hopes of me. Sam Fuller famously fired a Colt .45 into the air to signal the first shot of this, his first movie. Number one with a bullet, you might say. I’m not sure, though, it’s all about a girl. Ford’s dying confession: “I loved him.”

“Gold is nothing but that last corruption of degenerate man. But to be a little corrupt for the sake of art, that I wouldn’t mind.” — Harry Kane