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Movie Review: I Shot Jesse James


Written and directed by Sam Fuller.

“If a story doesn’t give you a hard-on in the first couple of scenes,” Sam Fuller said, “throw it in the goddamn garbage.” Here’s a story that does that, figuratively speaking (though I imagine I’m meant to feel more than that, somehow, when John Ireland washes Reed Hadley’s back). Let’s say this: I genuinely care about the coward Robert Ford, and I could give a damn about John Kelley the magnanimous marshal –reactions I know the director, in his slap-dash wisdom, hopes of me. Sam Fuller famously fired a Colt .45 into the air to signal the first shot of this, his first movie. Number one with a bullet, you might say. I’m not sure, though, it’s all about a girl. Ford’s dying confession: “I loved him.”

“Gold is nothing but that last corruption of degenerate man. But to be a little corrupt for the sake of art, that I wouldn’t mind.” — Harry Kane


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